It Isn’t Over! 

It’s hard, I know. Trust me I’ve been there. Actually still am. They say it’ll get tough before it gets better. And you wonder, can it get any harder than this?

It’s so frustrating. Sometimes you get so angry, it feels like you’ve been physically assaulted. Others times, it’s a sadness that pierces and hurts more than a physical affliction. 

Worst part is a lot of folks don’t understand. They get that life hasn’t been fair to you. Or that you aren’t where other people are. Or that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get past where you are. They see all that. 

But they don’t see the pain. They don’t see the humiliation and they’ll never be able to grasp the shame. It’s reserved for those who go through the valley. Only those people truly understand. Only them can relate. And usually, only to the level to which they experienced the valley and only to the length of time it lasted. 

It’s a difficult phase but the beautiful thing about this is, it never lasts. It’s like seasons of the year. No matter how cold and harsh winter is and however long it lasts, spring always comes in all her beauty and glory. 

The danger in this is the tendency to become lax. You know, sort of indifferent and unwilling. You don’t see it at first but soon you realize that it’s gotten so that your circumstances have moved from your surroundings to your heart. You don’t care anymore. And you’re not committed to anything. It’s dangerous to live like this. 

It is hard but don’t let your situation get the best of you. Yes, I know. Easier said than done. But it’s possible. As long as you keep striving. As long as you have a goal and you focus on its attainment, you’ll never be sidetracked. Yes, you will be discouraged. Yes, you will wanna quit. But no, you won’t. 

Keep telling yourself it will get better and surround yourself with people who believe in you. People who will continue walking when you’ve stopped. And don’t ever give up your dreams. They will happen. 

Always remember, you can be more. You can do more. It isn’t over! 

16 thoughts on “It Isn’t Over! 

  1. Beautiful piece Jules…even though we walk the valley of the shadow of death… So we would definitely go through those face but God grace and trusting him to see us through is what makes us overcome of those dark days.

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  2. Hi Jules. Nice one. Got a qxn tho. How does one in the face of reality or continuous disappointment protect one’s.heart from aligning with the.conditions around which are external.but ever so close.

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    1. Hmmm. This is tough but it’s possible. The truth is you will get discouraged. The more you fall, the more you will want to stay down. The key is to keep your eyes on Jesus. Trust me, He’s the only reason you’ll get back up after every disappointment. I’ve been here so many times. So I’ll get so tired and give up, then God will do stuff like send you a ray of hope. It would be something little or something big but always significant. A phone call from a friend. Some sort of direction, an open door. God knows it’s hard so he encourages us. You may still be dissapointed. It doesn’t mean it’ll work out immediately but for every fall, He’ll give you enough strength to get back up. So Jesus, guys. He’s the answer. Otherwise, I’ll be dead too.

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  3. I know how hard it can be to keep the faith alive but we still gotta do it and God doesn’t sleep, He’ll come through. just hold on a second more.

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  4. I enjoy reading these articles cos they are true to life, I mean you express the reality of life. Another thing is the way you encourage people to hold on no matter the circumstances. Life indeed is like a turning wheel.

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