In this generation of technological advancement and all sorts, so much is expected from us and more than ever, we’re exposed to the views and opinions of others such that, it’s difficult to not be influenced by the things we see and hear. 

In the castle of Shushan many years ago, there was a man who served as cupbearer to the Persian king. His name was Nehemiah and he was an Israelite who had been taken captive from his country to serve in a foreign land. 

One day, Nehemiah’s friends came visiting and he asked them about the state of of Jerusalem and the people who had escaped captivity. They didn’t have good news for him. What they said left Nehemiah weak and drained. But Nehemiah was an unusual man, he didn’t sulk or get angry and blame everyone in sight. He prayed for a way out. 

And God answered. The king noticed his cupbearer wasn’t in a joyful mood as was always the countenance of Nehemiah. So he asked him and Nehemiah explained the predicament of his land and asked the king’s permission to go back to his country and try to rebuild the walls. He also asked for some resources and the king granted Nehemiah’s request. 

It wasn’t smooth sailing from then on. Nehemiah encountered oppositons from all sides. Two men in particular named Sanballat and Tobiah taunted Nehemiah and the men building the walls. They insulted them so much and tried to weaken them with their taunts but Nehemiah ignored them and focused on the work. He prayed for strength and he encouraged the people not to give up or give in. 

From his own people he experienced betrayals and all sorts of manipulations and exploitations but Nehemiah focused on God and his vision and kept at it. He encouraged the people to do the same and naturally, the people found strength and courage in Nehemiah’s resilience and absolute faith in God. 

And yes, the walls were rebuilt and the people celebrated. 

There’s so much to be gleaned from the life of Nehemiah. His story is so compelling. 

*Alot of us just complain about how messed up our lives are and we do nothing to make it better. We talk about how horrible the country is but we do nothing to make things better. Nehemiah was outside the country. He was living fine and dandy but he was patriotic. He left everything.

*When God sees you have a heart of service, he’ll give you the ideas you need to be successful in your service. That is he’ll give you a vision, a blueprint. 

*And trust me, God always gives provision for every vision. He’ll give you people of like minds and the resources you need, maybe not all at once, but the more you persevere, He’ll send you help. 

*No, it won’t be a walk in the park. It’ll be difficult, challenging and all but it’s up to you to guard your heart and focus on God and your vision. 

It’s true what they say, ‘Tough times never last but tough people do.’ You’ll need to be absolutely stronger than your oppositon and prepared to stand guard over your dreams and vision. 

And like Nehemiah, you will achieve all you set out to do. 

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