Today I was looking through my instagram page leisurely and something struck me. 

I don’t think this will be a long post so take your time. 

It was a simple prayer… Asking that His wife’s prayer be heard and thanking God for provision of their hearts desire. 

It wasn’t just the simplicity of the prayer that struck me… 

It was the man himself… He’s a man most people know though I won’t be mentioning his name. 

While he’s really humble and down to earth, he’s also well known and celebrated… 

And while I’ve known for a while that everyone has their own challenges, it was more real to me after I saw his post. 

It was a heartfelt prayer. I could feel the depth of the emotions behind those words… 

For a few minutes, I bent my head and prayed earnestly that his prayers be answered and his wife gets exactly what she wants… 

I was reminded of how self absorbed we are. I understand you’re going through your process but other people are as well. 

So instead of lamenting about how messy your life is right now, take a moment to thank God for where you’re at, yeah, you read right. Thank God for where you’re at… 

And don’t stop there… Pray for strength for others on their journey and answered prayers to those who desire something… 

Take it from me, there’s alot of fulfilment from this simple act and God will be smiling down on you. 

2 thoughts on “GAME CHANGER! 

  1. Tbh its difficult to thank God when we are not where we want to be but true we should develop the habit of thanking God no matter how hard the situation might be. Thanks b

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