Over the week, I was struggling with a lot of things and I was fighting depression cause I was sinking into a whole of despair and mostly self pity. 

It wasn’t that things weren’t working out. That, actually is nothing new. I suppose it gets to a point, the actual brink where you feel you can’t take it anymore. And I figure I was there, at least I was frustrated enough to think so. 

And honestly, I’m not even going to paint this colourfully. I was so mad at God cause I felt I actually deserved better than I was getting. And I told him exactly that. I wasn’t talking to him and there’s no way I was listening to him. 

So I continued throwing a tantrum. Then carefully, so subtly, God reminded me of something I had forgotten. 

It was simple but profound. 

It was Gethsemane! 

Yeah, doesn’t mean much just like that but God reminded what happened at Gethsemane. I’ll remind you too. 

So Jesus got to Gethsemane and he felt the whole weight of his assignment. It was so difficult that three times Jesus told God that, If you can, let this cup pass over me.’ Yeah, even Jesus got to his breaking point but that’s not where I’m going. 

Everyone in his life abandoned him. His disciples were too weary to even stay up with him and pray. That was Jesus’ moment of weakness and weariness. But you know what? Jesus did something. He asked for a way out and then he asked that God’s will be done. 

Remember Paul? He also walked through his Gethsemane when a demon was sent to torment him. Three times Paul asked that it be taken away from him… 

Like Jesus, Paul went through his crises. These men weren’t delivered from their problems. They walked the path because it was their process, their journey… But you know what? They found GRACE!

It was said that angels came and attended to Jesus at Gethsemane. 

And Jesus told Paul, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made manifest in your weakness…’ 

That’s why Paul boasted about his sufferings and rejoiced in his pain. It wasn’t that he didn’t want better or that he was super human. He had simply learned the secret. He had found grace to walk his Gethsemane. 

So wherever you’re at, ask for grace to walk through your Gethsemane, your process…. 

Cause God gives grace for every Gethsemane… 

And his grace is the reason you can be joyful and confident in suffering, knowing full well that your present trials cannot be compared to the glory that will be revealed in you! So keep your chin up and walk your Gethsemane cause his grace is sufficient…. All you need to do is ask. 

16 thoughts on “GRACE IN THE DARK! 

  1. Truth is sometimes I get so frustrated I don’t even want grace to go on in the challenge but yes its a process and it’s only Gods grace that can see us through. Thank you Jules!

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  2. Thanks Jules!
    Naturally we tend to under-appreciate the grace we enjoy most especially when things go right, but whenever we have a little tilt from what has seem rosy we say ‘why me, why this, why now’ blablabla. It’s a process meant to put us into shape.

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