I’m sitting in my corner tonight thinking how well things are working out. It’s a thrilling thought. 

I’m fresh out of school, finished serving a month ago and now I’m working with a telecommunication company. 

And it gets better. I just landed my company a mutlimilion dollar contract and of course, I’m getting a huge bonus. There’s no way I’m not getting a car. And maybe even a comfy apartment. 

I just have to enjoy my good fortune. It’s been a long time coming anyway. Lord knows I most certainly deserve this. 

I didn’t have all that I needed as a child but it’s payday. I’m simply living the life I’ve wanted for so long. 

I mean, think about it, I prayed more than most people. I fasted a good deal. 

There were times I couldn’t afford a meal, let alone, a good meal. I was starved of the basic things. 

And now things have changed, all thanks to my dedication to prayers and fasting and hard work. God is really good. I have to live big and live well cause I’ve arrived and nobody can stop my shine. 

Does this remind you of someone you know or even yourself? 

I’m not condemning living well and enjoying life. I’m all for that. It just baffles me sometimes how easily people forget where they’re coming from and how far they’ve come. 

Wherever you’re at, I just need to remind you that you’re a product of God’s grace and love. Your dedication to prayers and fasting is great. Your church attendance and stuff is wonderful but that’s not all of it. 

Some people are more committed to prayers than you ever will be. But if you’re in a great place right now, know it’s a matter of not just time, chance, hard work and consistency but also God’s grace and love. 

So don’t act all smug. Live well but find a way to be a blessing to others cause all you have isn’t just so you can grow fat and tall. It’s also a resource to aid purpose! Be Wise! 

And you never really arrive. You just get better and better. 

4 thoughts on “WHO’S ARRIVED? I HAVE! 

  1. I’m glad you mentioned that there’s nothing wrong with living well. Some people work so hard they rarely take out time to appreciate how far they’ve come, let alone “enjoy” the moment. They always on the move pursuing one thing or another.
    It’s important we realize and appreciate our progress from time to time. Chill, breathe, laugh, love and just be GRATEFUL for the moment.

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    1. This is why I always look forward to your comments. There’s always something new to ponder on. Thank you. Someone said life is measured in moments. I also believe it’s important to treasure every moment and live meaningfully. Thank you sir.


  2. I wish everybody gets to see this message so we can all understand that truly where we are is by God’s grace. It could’ve been anyone so make good use of the opportunity you have to be a blessing. I like this one!

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