Have you ever wondered why planning, no matter how detailed and meticulously put together goes wrong? Sometimes you think you have it all covered but it still doesn’t go smoothly. 
Or wondered why you meet certain people in the journey of life and while some of these people bring amazing memories and become blessings to you, some others end up being painful but necessary lessons? 

It’s quite simple. It’s God’s plan! I realized that man’s destiny isn’t left to be controlled by fate or probability, it’s all been mapped out from the onset. That’s why most people pray to fulfil their destinies and achieve their purpose because it’s accompanied with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. 

A friend of mine was travelling on a Sunday morning and he was involved in a fatal accident. The accident left everyone including the driver dead but he survived without a scratch on him. You know why? There’s a plan and purpose for him to achieve and because he hadn’t done that, God wasn’t done with him. He fit into a bigger picture of a greater plan.

In the Bible, there’s the story of this rich man named Job. He was rich and he loved God even more but then the devil came and told God, Hey big guy, I’ll torment this man and take all he has and then you’ll see that he will curse you. He only loves you because of what he gets from you.” And so they had a deal. 

Job lost everything. He suffered so much that even his wife advised him to just curse God and die but he refused. He didn’t know God had other plans for him but he still believed and persisted amidst a little self righteous complaint, which to be honest, a lot of us can relate with.  

Eventually after much suffering, God multiplied everything he lost in multiple folds. Just imagine what he’d have missed out on if he just cursed God. You can see that His plans are way beyond us and he only wants the best for us. You may be going through certain things. No matter how tough, ugly or difficult it gets, just keep believing. God never makes mistakes. It’s all in the seven point agenda of God. And remember, He never made a promise that was too good to be true. 

Written by Moyin! Thank you so much pal. 

4 thoughts on “GOD’S PLAN!

  1. In the midst of our planning we need to learn that God gave us the soul responsibility to commit the plans into His hands and trusting Him to align our plans with ‘His plan’ inotherwords commit your ways to God let him take the lead!


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