The road to freedom seemed to be nothing but an illusion, so much for leaving Egypt for the land of milk and honey only to be trapped by the red sea and and numerous mountains of Pi Hahiroth and Migdol. The sun beat down heavily on the people as men, women, children and cattle trudged on the dry, long, winding roads. Tempers flared, women whispered amongst themselves, children clung lazily to their mothers while the men grumbled about the long, arduous journey. 

All of a sudden, chaos and pandemonium broke out as the ground rumbled beneath their feet. The Egyptians were upon them! Huge billows of dust and sand swirled around them as the Egyptians charged after them in an array of chariots and swordsmen. The people of Israel began to panic, shouting and screaming and pointing accusing fingers at Moses, ‘Surely you didnt bring us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness?’ On and on the complaints went and Moses tried to talk to God above the cacophony of six million people. He encouraged the people not to lose heart, that God would fight for them. But the enemy was fast advancing and the people were losing their faith. 

The Lord said to Moses, ‘Lift up your rod and hold it over the sea, the water will divide and the Israelites will walk through the sea on dry ground.’  

As Moses lifted his rod over the sea, the clouds began to rumble sending flashes of lightning and thunder across the sky, the earth rattled sending a powerful gust of wind across the whole sea as day changed into night. The people of God trembled in fear and trepidation as the sea rolled backwards in a deafening roar sending great walls of water on each side creating a passage. Men, women and children ran through, shouting with pure exhilaration, whooping with joy and shouting prayers of thanksgiving. Moses laughed, praising and thanking God with delight.

As for the Egyptians, there were cries of agony, gnashing of teeth and the death of over six hundred men.

Perhaps while reading this, you’re probably stuck between Migdol and the read sea. It could be that dream job, getting a scholarship, an admission into your dream university, owning your own business or even overcoming your fear of water or anything. Just as the people of Israel were saved, the Lord will come through for you. 

At that darkest hour, through the pain, tears, broken promises and dreams, God will arise on your behalf. The book of Exodus 14 is a prominent reminder God’s never failing grace. 

Written by Deborah Patrick. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece Deb. 


  1. Wawu! This one is deep o and it’s also a reminder that God is able to come through for us so we shouldn’t despair right? Nice piece Debs, the fam is proud of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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