Isn’t it amazing how the whole bunch of us believers and many times, unbelievers alike talk to God? I find it truly beautiful that God actually listens to everyone of us, sometimes at the same time. 

Picture this, people from every tongue and tribe talking to God in different ways about totally unrelatable circumstances. 

I have found that sometimes because of the culture of those in Western Africa, we do all but talk to God about the little things. We bind the devil, call down fire on our enemies and decree blessings on our lives. 

While all those things are good and even Biblical, I’m constantly surprised and pleased to discover that a lot of times, God just wants to hear us talk to him about the little things. The things that truly make us sad and cause us to sigh. He wants to hear the questions we have and the struggles we face. 

A lot of us understand that God wants to relate with us as a father to a son or daughter. But do we get that he also wants us to come to him as a friend to a friend?

For instance, he wants to hear you say, Lord I thought she was the one. I can’t force myself where I’m not wanted, but I didn’t realize how much I wanted her to say yes until she said no.’ 

Or, Lord I’m so confused about what step to take. I really need direction right now.’ 

Or even, ‘God, I’ve had a crush on him for so long and I’m not even sure he likes me back. It hurts so much Lord. Can you make it go away?’ 

This stuff probably sounds cheesy to some of you but it goes to show how interested God is in every aspect of our lives. 

Talking to him about these stuff doesn’t mean the answers will come all at once but just keep at it. Sometimes he’ll inspire you on what step to take. Or he’ll wrap you with his love just so you know he’s with you. Or he’ll give you peace. Or he’ll answer right away. 

God is dynamic and his ways are past finding so there’s no one way with God. He works in many ways. The important thing is to talk to him all the time about the big things and the little things. 

And you can be rest assured that he’s listening. He’ll even speak if you pay attention through his word or any other way he chooses. Just keep talking to him and trust that he’s listening and he understands cause he’s actually listening and he does understand. 

7 thoughts on “JUST TALK TO HIM!

  1. Well done Jules, God is ever present and ever attentive.
    Sometimes we don’t talk to him because we assume He’s somewhere up there very far away, He’s actually much closer than we’ve been made to believe.

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