There was this guy named Joe. Some of you know him. He used to have these dreams about being a great man. His brothers hated his guts. It wasn’t just that he had dreams that made his brothers so mad. Joe was the second to the last of twelve sons. So he was technically the least but in his dreams, he would see his brothers’ sheaves bowing to his. And he would tell everyone. What was worse was, Joe was their father’s favourite. And Joe would give bad reports about his brothers to their father. So one day when Joe was coming as usual to supervise his elder brothers, they conspired against him and threw him into the pit. 

Now here comes Daniel, a prince in Israel. The king of Babylon fought against Israel, won and carried her people off as slaves. Fortunately for Daniel, he was royalty, so he was taken care of with proper attention. Daniel was an excellent scholar and he had the gift to interpret dreams. Fast forward a few years and Daniel was made one of three adminstrators over the land of Babylon. Daniel had an excellent spirit that distinguished him from the rest so much that the king, Darius planned to set him over the land. Daniel’s colleagues weren’t pleased with this so they decided to find a charge against him but they found nothing because Daniel was studious and honest. They knew however, that Daniel was a Godly man so they conspired against Daniel regarding his God and the new ordinance they made the king enforce. In no time, Daniel was whisked into the lions den. 

Daniel had friends named Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah but they are popularly known and referred to as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. These three friends of Daniel were also noble men working in Babylon. Some time later, the king got so bored he decided to build a gold statue, 90 feet high and 9 feet wide. He assembled everyone in the land and a herald proclaimed that at a certain time, when the people hear the sound of all the musical instruments, they were to bow and worship the image the king had set up. Or else they would be thrown into a furnace of fire. Needless to say, the three friends decided they couldn’t worship anything asides the God of Israel and they were thrown into the blazing furnace that in the kings rage, he had ordered to be heated seven times more than was customary. 

These are three different stories. Three different life encounters. Three different processes. And they are all true. No, I wasn’t there. Thankfully, actually. But yeah, they are true events. 

What struck me the most about these stories is the fact that they were children of God. They weren’t just random people who took life casually. They were people who believed in the supreme being yet they encountered terrible challenges, conspiracies and setbacks. 

They went through their process! God could have intervened when Joe was about to be thrown into the pit or when Daniel was to be thrown into a den of lions or he could have changed the mind of King Nebuchadnezzar before those guys were thrown into the fire. 

No, God didn’t. Joe went into the pit, was sold as a slave to Potiphar, was thrown into prison before emerging Prime Minister of Egypt. 

Daniel was thrown into the den of lions but God was waiting in there for him. He shut the mouth of the lions and by the time Daniel got out unscathed, he was promoted while his conspirators became meat for the lions. 

And Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, having defended the name of God in the midst of the threat of fire, God came through for them. He turned the blazing furnace into a well air conditioned place for them. Nebuchadnezzar was shocked to see a fourth man in the fire. He asked them to come out and he proclaimed that their God was the only true God. 

The process is your journey to your manifestation. The question is, will you trust God in your journey?’ 

I attended a conference last weekend and Pastor Cornelius Lindsey said something profound; “The manifestation isn’t the money, beautiful houses or the cars. The manifestation is a place of maturity, peace and identity. (You know who you are and whose you are).”

Only your process can bring you to your manifestation. We see this clearly in the lives of Joe, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. 

So stay in your process! Wherever it is you’re at, whether it’s the pit, the den or the fire, stay! 

When it’s time, God will bring you forth. Remember, your journey is your place of refinement. And your journey never really ends until you die. So you just get better and better and better! 

Don’t give up on your process! 

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