Y’all remember I wrote about Gideon’s experience with the angel last week. So I was talking to a friend and he had some amazing insights on the topic which I felt I needed to share with you. Enjoy. Thank you Pst. Sam. 

The angel told Gideon three things:

1. Who he had: Availability.

2. Who he was: Identity.

3. What he could do: Ability.

  • Availability 

The first thing the angel came to reveal to Gideon was who he had or who was with him. Who was available to him.

The consciousness of God’s availability swallows up your vulnerability. God cannot be available to you and you are vulnerable. 

Don’t determine God’s commitment to you by your conditions. Your conditions may be conflicting but His commitment to you remains unflinching. 

God is with you. No matter the condition… In your mess, failures and mistakes, when you’re beaten and battered, when you can’t see and you seem to be groping your way through life… God is with you. In the problems forced on you or even the ones you have caused by yourself, God is with you no matter what. 

  • Identity

The second revelation the angel gave to Gideon was who he was. A mighty man of valor. 

Who you have determines who you are. You don’t understand your identity apart from God’s identity. Your identity is found in God’s identity. Who God is, you are. Powerful, strong, mighty, wise, loving, dependable, valuable, purposeful…

  • Ability

The third revelation the angel gave Gideon was what he could do. “Go in this your might.”

Your ability is determined by your identity. Who you are determines what you can do. 

Never set a limitation for yourself in life based on your natural qualifications. Your identity, and not natural qualification sets your limit. You can do much more that you are naturally qualified for. The revelation, conviction and consciousness of your identity gives you a spiritual qualification. 

And with these, nothing will be impossible for you. You will soar and experience NO LIMITS! The sky is where you’ll be looking down at when you’re started. 

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