MMV or MWV! 

Many years ago in a town called Israel, the people had sinned so terribly against the God that had come through for them so many times. And so God handed them over to their enemies, the entire nation of the Midianites and Amalekites. 

The Israelites suffered greatly in the hands of the Midianites that they cried unto God for help. 

One day, in the midst of all the hardship the Israelites were going through, a young man named Gideon, the son of Joash from the the clan of Manasseh was threshing wheat in a hidden corner when an angel appeared to him. 

The angel sat down on an oak belonging to Joash and said to Gideon, ‘Oh Mighty man of valor, the Lord is with you.’  

Gideon turned to the angel with laughter in his eyes, and his comment dripping with so much sarcasm, he said, Oh really? God is with us? And we’re faced with trouble and turmoil on every side? Where is this God you speak about cause I don’t see him. My father talked so much about how he rescued Israel from Egypt. Well all I see is a God who has abandoned his people to suffer in the hands of the Midianites.’ 

The angel looked Gideon squarely and said, Gideon, go in this might and rescue Israel from her oppressors.’ 

Gideon told the angel, You’re kidding right? I’m the least in my father’s house. I don’t have it in me to lead or deliver one person let alone a whole nation.’  

The angel said to Gideon, ‘I will be with you and you will overcome.’ 

So Gideon fought the Midianites in God’s strength and he overcame and delivered Israel from bondage.

No matter who you are, whether or not you are ashamed or hiding like Gideon, whether you are the last or the first in your family, or things are so bad you can’t get into school or get a job, or you don’t even have a dime in your pocket or bank account or you’re looked down at, or despised or unpopular, you are a mighty man of valor or a mighty woman of valor, of course depending on your gender. 

Don’t despise where you are right now. Be confident in the assurance that you’re going far beyond where you can see right now. 

Remember that being a mighty man of valor has nothing to do with who you are or what you can do or what family you come from, it’s all based on God’s presence in your life and the revelation of who you are in God. Just like Gideon didn’t understand who he was or what he could do until the angel told him. 

So keep God at the center always! And don’t forget who you are! 

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