The day started out like a typical summer morning, the sun was shining sending rays of golden light across the park, birds were chirping and there I was trudging my way up the hill and making a thousand and one excuses why schooling was important.

We live in a fast paced world; everything is measured by time, speed and efficiency. We are constantly in a rush and nothing ever seems to slow down, fast food, fast fashion, fast track, fast banking and even speed dating. Almost every area of our lives revolves around speed or the need for speed and thanks to technological advancement and savvy devices, the world revolves around the tips of our fingers.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do like quick services and am not a fan of waiting in lines. So not me!

And so on this lovely summer morning, a day like any other, I decided to kill two beds with one stone by making a call whilst walking to school.

They say things often happen in a flash and maybe, just maybe if I had looked up from my phone for a nanosecond I could have known.

People often say that life happens in the blink of an eye. Well, so do accidents. Blinking hard and staring around I tried to understand what was going on. My belongings were splayed on the floor and my dress was half ripped. Suddenly, in jagged pieces it came to me; the screeching halt of the car, the sound of metal crashing into flesh, the dull throbbing of my head all pointed to one thing; I had just been hit.

Even as I sat on the floor stunned, watching the small crowd gathered about me, fussing over, picking my things and the bumbling old man who was apologizing profusely I realized something; the sun was still shinning brilliantly, people bustled  about going their way, birds chirped in the distance, the world was moving on without me as it should. 

In that terrible moment I realized an instrumental lesson. In an age of digital media, technological advancement and savvy devices which keep us entertained as well as informed, it’s easy to get lost in our own small worlds with heads constantly bowed and eyes glued to our screen.

The next day, as I passed that road, I reminded myself to look up and embrace life and all that it entails. Take your time some day, walk past a stream, dance in the rain, try new things, sing a song, laugh with friends and family, worship God and look up just because.

This beautiful reminder was written by my lovely cousin, Deborah! Thank you cuz! 

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