Today is my cousin’s birthday. I’m excited cause she’s just wonderful. Happy Birthday Faith!

Anyway, I decided to post her pictures on instagram to celebrate her. And just afterwards, I saw something that made me scream. 

So awhile back, just days before Christmas, I stumbled on a post that a friend shared about a little boy who had e. coli and was fighting for his life. Oh My God! It was so heartbreaking. 

So I checked his dad’s instagram page and saw that little Jaxon Taylor had been admitted to the hospital four days to Christmas. 

I checked his mum’s page and it was beyond sad as she described the horrors his two year old body was going through as he continued to vomit blood. It was pretty intense as it affected his kidneys. 

His dad posted this, God is a healing God! Keep the praying…he still needs his kidneys healed, lungs restored, and he needs to pee. Pee the name of Jesus.” 

They just never lost hope and family, friends and practically everyone was praying.

And just when things were starting to look up for Jax, his four year old sister, Addie was diagnosed with e. coli as well. 

And then this morning, I saw on Joel Taylor’s page, ‘Jaxon Peeeed‘. And then his wife said, ‘ Thanks to your prayers, Addie’s diarrhea has slowed down significantly, which is the opposite of what the doctors said will happen.’

Jaxon and Addie are not out of the hospital yet but they will be discharged with a clean bill of health. I know this for sure because God doesn’t do anything halfway. He’s a miracle worker, through and through. 

Whatever you’re going through, I just want you to know that God sees you. He will come through for you.
Though the mourning may last all night long, your joy is coming in the morning!

And it’s almost morning. Don’t give up. Your joy will come. 

Thank you Jesus for healing Jax and Addie like we asked. I pray for those out there facing real life storms. Calm their storms and give them a superb testimony in Jesus name. Amen. 

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