In approximately 84 days, one young Nigerian will walk away from the big brother house with around 45m naira in cash and other non-cash rewards.  As the 24hour-ninetydays show starts, WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? Watching, voting, placing bets, arguing with other friends, criticizing the show or even enjoying it? It doesn’t really matter what […]


Y’all remember I wrote about Gideon’s experience with the angel last week. So I was talking to a friend and he had some amazing insights on the topic which I felt I needed to share with you. Enjoy. Thank you Pst. Sam.  The angel told Gideon three things: 1. Who he had: Availability. 2. Who […]

MMV or MWV! 

Many years ago in a town called Israel, the people had sinned so terribly against the God that had come through for them so many times. And so God handed them over to their enemies, the entire nation of the Midianites and Amalekites.  The Israelites suffered greatly in the hands of the Midianites that they […]


Some think others are born heroes.  Some others think heroes are made.  Others don’t believe heroes exist.  Whatever school of thought you belong to, it doesn’t change the fact that some people, male and female alike have altered the course of history by staunchly standing for the things they believed in.  I’m continually inspired by […]


Sitting on the porch with a cup of tea in my hands, I watched with awe and wonder even as the giant sphere of sunlight slowly rose, illuminating the earth, casting soft golden rays on everything it touched, from the meandering stream to the soft dewy grass. Everything was cast in a warm glow of […]


I don’t know what you’re going through right now.  I don’t know where you’re at on your ladder.  I dont know what’s got you tripping.  I can’t understand your fears.  I don’t know why you can’t stop crying.  I see you. Oh yes, I do.  But all I see is your pretty face.  All I […]


The day started out like a typical summer morning, the sun was shining sending rays of golden light across the park, birds were chirping and there I was trudging my way up the hill and making a thousand and one excuses why schooling was important. We live in a fast paced world; everything is measured […]


Today is my cousin’s birthday. I’m excited cause she’s just wonderful. Happy Birthday Faith! Anyway, I decided to post her pictures on instagram to celebrate her. And just afterwards, I saw something that made me scream.  So awhile back, just days before Christmas, I stumbled on a post that a friend shared about a little […]


Disheartened is to feel discouraged and dejected and down in the dumps.  Some people are already feeling this way and guess what? We’re just four days into the year. It’s not even something to laugh about.  And I’ll be the first to admit that it gives a lot of concern but at the same time, […]

2018 IS HERE???

Don‘t get me wrong. I’ve been more or less doing the count down. I mean, there was Christmas and the whole world celebrated Christmas so I had to know the end of the year was fast approaching and bringing with it a new year.  Yes, so I knew a new year was upon us. So new year’s […]