I decided to backtrack a little in this post. This might very well be my last post this year so I decided to remind you of something important. 

So the year is ending and it’s a big deal because a lot of stuff you expected to happen haven’t still happened. 

I know someone who felt just as you do. He was the second to the last child of his father. His father had twelve sons, so that made him the eleventh son of his father. However his father loved him to the point of distraction which created a ripple effect of hate in the hearts of his brothers. 

Joseph had big dreams of one day becoming a great man just like a lot of us dream of. And like it happens now, Joseph experienced some major set backs. He was sold into slavery at age seventeen by his brothers. 

Life as Joseph knew it was over but that didn’t deter him. He made a whole lot of lemonade out of the lemons life threw at him. And when he had the opportunity to sleep his way to the top, Joseph chose the four walls of the prison cell rather than take on his Master’s wife as sugar mommy. 

Life in prison wasn’t elegant but Joseph never forgot his dreams. He maintained a positive outlook on life and continued to trust that God will bring the dreams of his heart to pass. 

Some of y’all know what happened. In that little corner Joseph was, God remembered Joseph. Something important happened too. God brought Joseph to limelight through his gifts, the one he continued to use to bless and inspire people. 

As the year comes to an end, trust that God will bring the dreams of your heart to pass. Don’t throw in the towel. Hang in there! And whatever good your hands find to do, do so diligently.

Compliments of the season folks! 

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