So a few days ago I was in the car with my pastor and his four year old son. His son, Josh was talking to him about needing a device to play his games. He complained that he only used his mum’s tab and his dad’s sometimes.  
So his dad said, ‘You know what Josh? I’ll call your uncle and’…

Then he stopped abruptly and said, ‘Whatever man, I’ll do something about it, Okay?’.

Little Josh seemed content with that and continued painting on his dad’s notepad. 

Then my pastor turned to me and said, ‘I had to stop myself from making him a promise otherwise he would start hounding me with, Daddy but you said?’

I laughed about it but later something profound occurred to me. 
You know, like little Josh, we have expectations and a lot of times, God makes us promises. 

But often times, unlike Joshua, we forget God’s promises because sometimes they take too long to happen. So we give up on the promise and settle for something else, most times, something lesser than God intended for us. 

You know like Abraham giving up on the promise and having Ismael instead of Isaac? 

Or like the Israelites preferring the cucumbers and onions of Egypt to the milk and honey of the promised land and wandering in the desert for forty years? 

Again and again, we see history repeating itself. God expects us to hold unto His promise no matter how long it takes because He is always true to His word. 

You know like Joseph clinging to the promise and becoming Prime Minister In Egypt thirteen solid years after the promise was made?
Or David becoming king over Israel at age thirty even though he was anointed at age seventeen?

Or like Award-winning actor Denzel Washington who is unashamed to use his platform to share his faith because it was once prophesied that he would travel the world and preach to millions. He didn’t seem like much then but he held onto the promise and now, he’s living the dream. 

Whatever God has promised you, believe it and hold onto it because He has the capacity to bring it to pass and because He’s not a man to lie. 

He will come through for you as He has for others in the past. 
Like little Josh, keep saying, “Daddy, but you said?”

Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word!” Hebrews 10:23.

10 thoughts on “BUT YOU SAID? 

  1. This is my sister I’m whom am well pleased!!!! 🤗😁. Holding unto God’s promises can be really difficult especially when it seems like nothing is happening but the truth is whatever God has in mind towards us is always worth the wait! Keep inspiring us Jules!

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  2. dear jules, you haven’t stopped amazing me, your words are so inspiring and come in the nik of time. I am so grateful to have u in my life. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much. ✌

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  3. The waiting process May be tough but you’ll be surprised how much has been deposited in you thru d process.

    Nice work Jules!
    We watching out for you too!

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