Today, I must admit, is one of my down days. I’m not sure what brought this on but I just started thinking about life and all the struggles she comes with and it got me really down. 
I don’t know about you but I wonder, is there a point to all this living? Anyway, while I was having these depressing thoughts, the story of a man I admire came to mind, a man who must have felt like giving up on life as often as he was faced with life’s hurdles: 

He was born in Amityville, New York on November 9th, 1959. At age eight, while crossing to the other side of the road, unknown to him, his two year old brother raced after him and was run over.

This caused major tension in his home so much so that he had to be sent to stay with relatives where he was sexually abused by a great uncle two days after his brother’s funeral. Five years later, he was raped by his great uncle’s son. Two of his sisters dealt with substance abuse problems. 

All these issues led young Donnie to seek solace in church. He was also greatly influenced by a certain gospel musician, Andrae Crouch who his aunt worked for. He discovered his love for music and started writing and singing with his sisters and their friends.

Just when things were starting to look up for Donnie, a sharp pain and swelling led to his being diagnosed with leukaemia in 1991. The doctor suggested immediate treatment, but Donnie, who was then 31, decided to take his own advice. He said,

I tell people to believe that God will save them, and I had to turn around and practise the very thing that I preached. 

  A month later, the doctors couldn’t find a trace of the disease in his body and by the second month, he was completely healed with no symptoms whatsoever. 

Donnie met Marvin Winans, served under him in Detroit and was later ordained and sent out by the Winans in 2001 to establish Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York. 
Despite everything, Donnie still had trouble getting over his past. He cried out to God in his anguish and that’s when God gave him the song, ‘Stand‘. He also started sharing his story with larger audiences. Until then, he had only shared it with his church.

Donnie also called on God’s power for healing later in his life when he had a cyst in his throat which he had suffered for three years. God also came through for him. 

Donnie, in 2002 told a Christian website that due to the sexual abuse, he had struggled with homosexuality. He said that he had rejected that lifestyle;

Ive been through this and have experienced God’s power to change my lifestyle. I am delivered and I know God can deliver others, too. 

After suffering so much, Donnie said;

I asked God why I had to go through all the stuff I went through. Know what He said? ‘For others to be saved, someone’s got to be crucified’.

What is life as you see her? 

We all need to answer that question because how you get through life and the ordeals she throws at you depends on your perspective. 

So next time life throws shades at you, understand it’s just your process and pretty soon, you’ll come out bigger, better and with a remarkable story of your own. 
Donnie McClurkin is still here with us living every chapter of his life intentionally and encouraging us to do likewise. 

Thankfully, we also have the assurance of God’s never failing presence in our lives, just as He’s with Donnie. He is present in the midst of our storms and there to calm our storms. 

9 thoughts on “LIFE AS I SEE HER!

  1. Hmmmmmm this is another reminder that people are going through worse situations and we should be grateful to God for where we are. And it’s so amazing how God can use anybody. Thanks for sharing Jules

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  2. Yaayyyyy! You are here! I was just hovering around doing my usual bimonthly/weekly checks on your blog to know if you have been here and BAM! I meet three new articles!!!!

    “Today, I must admit, is one of my down days. I’m not sure what brought this on but I just started thinking about life…”

    My awesome friend, I am happy you are able to find motivation when you are down. Thank you for teaching me about Donnie today, I didn’t know he had been through this much. Life is a great gift we should be grateful for. We haven’t had issues as this and yet we complain and compare ourselves with others.

    Thank you J

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  3. Nicely said dear! I never know Donnie’s story. Now i know and I’m encouraged to continue holding unto God and trusting God cos there’s always a process before the promise. Good one Jules!

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