Isn’t it astounding what God can do through just one man who is totally devoted to Him? I mean, we see it every single time. First, He gives the vision and then comes the provision. 

I’m certain thousands of people including myself were mesmerised by the amazing things the house on the rock church has accomplished under the leadership of Pst. Paul & Ifeanyi Adefarasin. Oh My Lord! It’s breathtaking. 

Yes, I was at the Experience 12. I didn’t want to go initially cause last year was crazy but my cousin wouldn’t hear it, so I went with my cousins and my sister.

Thankfully, unlike last year, my sister and cousin found us somewhere okay to sit. Then we got food and drinks cause we got there two hours early.

The event, from start to finish was truly amazing. I was so glad I attended. Now, I had to stand on the chair all through cause I couldn’t see the screen and I couldn’t hear clearly except I stood on the chair. It was back breaking work but well worth it. 

I especially enjoyed Pastor Paul’s message on the promise and I could feel Travis Greene’s joy all the way from the podium. He’s such a happy soul. I have loved Pst. Donnie since I was a little girl and I must have been familiar with Don Moen’s voice from the womb so I’m kinda biased towards them but they were truly amazing.

Everyone that ministered was such a profound blessing from Rev. Victor Adeyemi who has been a blessing and an inspiration to my life from the moment I met him to Tope Alabi who took the final worship session.

We (myself and the entourage) decided to leave by 4:30am to escape the throng of worshippers that would come out later but that was a mistake. 

We were caught up in a whirlwind of humans. It was horrible. We were just dragging and pushing one another. When we finally got out of TBS, we couldn’t find a place to stand. The BRT and private vehicles were coming and going at once. People were pressed between the moving BRT vehicles and private cars. Twice my sister was pushed and nearly trampled. A lady fainted and another was gasping for air. My sister’s phone was stolen and we didn’t get a bus until 8am. 

It was an exhausting ride home and unfortunately, one of the BRT vehicles heading to Ikorodu crashed and killed a bike man and two passengers who was driving in the BRT lane. And so the BRT vehicles couldn’t get to Ikorodu Garage. They dropped all passengers at Majidun Awori. So the people had to hitchhike or trek to their destinations. 

The Experience 12 was awesome but maybe we could use a bigger place next year? I heard that the National Stadium is bigger. Maybe the National Stadium can accommodate The Experience next year? It would be wonderful. 

God bless you Pastor Paul & Ifeanyi Adefarasin and the house on the rock team.

I hope the bike drivers and others would abide by the laws and stay on their lanes. I pray God comforts the families of the bereaved. 

This is my experience story and oh! I hope I get a VIP seat next year. 

Shout out to Pastor Seun Alimi (Calebo)! Thank you sir. 

12 thoughts on “MY EXPERIENCE STORY! 

  1. “…Now, I had to stand on the chair all through cause I couldn’t see the screen and I couldn’t hear clearly except I stood on the chair” lmfao! hahaha was this really why you had to stand on your chair, don’t you think eating more beans would have helped eliminate the need for the chair? **running away, dodges shoe**.

    We love you Jola! Thank you for your amazing write up again

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    1. Hahaha. Very funny Ebuka. I wasn’t the only one standing on the chair. All the other tall folks were standing on their chairs too. You can run but you can’t hide.
      Thank you Ebuka, really.


  2. Jules the blogger, honestly I am the happiest to have you back also, I pray that God gives you all the grace and strength you need to keep up this good work.

    And before I forget, the experience was truly an experience. Can’t wait for 13.

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  3. Nice one Jules! I was there too and I enjoyed every bit of the programme. What was horrible were all the bodies pressing and touching me after the programme in a bid to find a bus. Had to just resign and go back inside to sit for a while till God sent a ride my way. All in all, it was an amazing time in Gods presence.

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