It’s just a few days after Mother’s Day and I already offended. Can you imagine? Mothers and daughters have their moments but I was clearly in the wrong. 

It was a little after dark and it was kinda dark in the house because there was no light(No surprises there). I went straight to the long sofa and went down with my full weight(which isn’t much, by the way).

Now my mum isn’t particularly careful with her glasses, so I sat right on it and it broke. My mum was sitting on the next sofa and I go, “Oh my God! I broke your glasses.” She was quiet. 

I felt really awful because it wasn’t supposed to happen. I just got her glasses a week ago. 

I felt really terrible and I hated feeling so guilty so I said, “Well that’s her business. It’s not my fault. Why would you put your glasses on the chair, mum, of all places?” 

There! I had said it. And I felt worse. I sat for awhile kicking myself mentally for being so insensitive and selfish. And then I apologized to her. 

No, I didn’t feel better, not by a long stretch. 

So I just sat there beating myself up, wondering how to make it okay and wishing I could erase the last few minutes.

It was a sad but timely reminder that I am human and quite frail. I’m going to do really great stuff but I’m also going to mess up sometimes. And that’s okay. 

So it’s been quite fulfilling to learn early on not to make excuses for my mistakes and failures. All I need to do is take responsibility for them and try to make it okay. 

Later, my mum and I talked about it and I apologized and she forgave me. She also acknowledged she had kept it carelessly again, so it wasn’t really my fault. Talk about being absolved… I’m still gonna get her another one though.

I’m quite certain you’ve learnt a thing or two from this. It’s okay to mess up but you have to take responsibility for your actions and try to make it okay. 

And so again, 

I’m sorry mum! 

I love you mum! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

6 thoughts on “I’M SORRY! 

  1. Apologizing for any wrong takes away the hurt many times
    Thanks for reminding us to continuously do it.
    Happy Mother’s Day to your mum and kisses to her.

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