What I learnt from Barca’ s comeback.

There’s a lot to learn from Barca’s historic comeback. Trailing 4-0 from the first leg, they needed to score at least 5 to go through. In the course of the game the opposition got 1 goal to worsen Barca’s situation. The score was now 5-3 on aggregate. Barca needed 3 goals before the final whistle, while the timer read 88mins. Jeez! How do they do that?

In what appeared to be a mix of luck and unexplainable synchronicity, the opposition was bamboozled and they made errors that were to Barca’s advantage. Even the referee made favourable calls to aid Barca’s advantage. 

What I observed was that the Barca players believed, their body language confirmed this. They kept pushing even at the 88th minute with 2mins regular time to go. They got the needed 3 goals in 8mins. They never gave up, they believed and everything else worked in their favour. 

This confirms the saying that if you truly want something and you believe without a doubt, the universe will contrive to make it happen for you.

This was the case for Barcelona. They believed, they worked at it, even when it seemed impossible and with literally the last kick of the game, they got their goal and qualified for the next phase.

This makes me think, what is it that I really and truly want? If I believe without a doubt, regardless of what happens up till the 88th minute (if I just focus on my outcome), things will happen to give me my aim.

Think with me, let’s take a moment and not let this historic event pass us by without teaching us something. This is a massive event that proves that we can achieve anything and everything we believe and work towards.

Like Barcelona, keep your eye on the outcome, believe totally in your desired outcome and everything else will work in your favour.

There are no words… This wonderful piece was written by my favorite person. The coolest pastor in the universe. 

Thank you Pst Seun Alimi for the privilege… Or in much cooler terms, thanks Calebo. You’re the coolest! 

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