Oh My! I was so ecstatic few hours into 2017. I was really excited about the whole new year. New, exciting, endless possibilities… A fresh new start… A clean slate… You know the drill. 

Now I know things don’t flip overnight except it’s a miracle. Still, it was the year I was going to make giant leaps and do so well. 

My pastor always talked about a new day, a new year – the opportunity to close an old chapter and begin a new one. 2016 wasn’t all I had dreamed it to be. I had made plans, prayed and worked but it didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it. 

But 2017 was surely going to turn out right! My plans would finally be achieved. I would take those giant leaps. I would make those heavy decisions. 

Or would I? The year is slowly but surely crawling to an end and though I’ve made plans and I’m working hard and praying harder, it’s still so hard. The big break I so craved for is nowhere in sight. 

I’m losing it slowly. It’s not coming together. I’m trying to keep it together but it’s not working. It’s falling apart… What do I do? Who do I turn to? Nobody seems to understand. They don’t get I’m making so much effort. 




I must be hallucinating. Jesus? What has He got to do with this? But I keep hearing that voice in my head, so I pause. Okay. What’s this about? 
Then it’s clearer…. I see and hear clearly…. 

“When Jesus was about to be crucified, he told his disciples, “This sorrow is crushing my life out.” And to God, he said, “Father, when this started out, I was really excited. I wanted do this! Take this giant leap in saving this people. But right now, it’s so hard. Everything seems to be falling apart. Father, if you don’t mind, let’s abort this mission.” Then with his last strength, he said, “You know Father, if I have to go through this to accomplish the plan, let it happen!” And so it did! Jesus went through the toughest time to achieve the goal he had set out to accomplish. Well guess what? He got his big break when he resurrected and sat down to dine with God, of course after saving the world!” 

So, whatever plan you have, however hard it seems right now, be rest assured that someone’s been there. He thoroughly understands. 

Whenever you feel out of your element, or completely burned out, be sure to talk to Him. He understands. And He’ll give you your big break when the time is right. 

He walked the earth as you do now! 

Keep on keeping on! 

You’re not alone! 

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