It’s just a few days after Mother’s Day and I already offended. Can you imagine? Mothers and daughters have their moments but I was clearly in the wrong.  It was a little after dark and it was kinda dark in the house because there was no light(No surprises there). […]


What I learnt from Barca’ s comeback. There’s a lot to learn from Barca’s historic comeback. Trailing 4-0 from the first leg, they needed to score at least 5 to go through. In the course of the game the opposition got 1 goal to worsen Barca’s situation. The score was now 5-3 on aggregate. Barca […]


Oh My! I was so ecstatic few hours into 2017. I was really excited about the whole new year. New, exciting, endless possibilities… A fresh new start… A clean slate… You know the drill.  Now I know things don’t flip overnight except it’s a miracle. Still, it was the year I was going to make giant […]


          Jacob, son of Isaac and Rebecca, had twelve sons born to him by four women. His favorite son however was Joseph, born to him by the woman he loved, Rachel.  Joe grew up under the protective wings of his father. Unfortunately, he lost his mother while she was giving birth […]