And so I stare at her curvy, glowing skin. Her hips swaying every which way. “What a wonderful creature” I think to myself, unaware of the malicious, rude, nasty character lurking beneath the angelic face… 

Finding this out got me thinking about life… A lot of us perceive things based on our vision of reality, which is really unfortunate because our vision of reality tends to shape and determine our reactions to what we eventually see in the “true reality”.

So the question is, “How does a thirsty you see a glass of half filled water?” 

Let’s use this analogy I’ve heard basically all my life which makes a lot of sense but I switched it up a little and learnt quite a lot. 

A glass with water halfway full/empty. One thirsty man sees the cup as half full, the other thirsty man sees it as half empty. But guess what? There’s a third man who realises the half full/empty glass of water’s  inability to satisfy him and fills it up. 

So here we see one guy settle for the half full glass, the other hung on a problem, and the third guy with a solution… 

Our perception of situations should always first and foremost be about finding a solution and not about finding problems or settling for whatever’s available. 

The moment we settle for the half bread that they say is better than none, we give up the chase for a more satisfying complete loaf of bread… 

With ability and solution perceptions, achievement of dreams would be a walk in the park. 

But it all starts from what you see when you look at the water in the glass… Look again! 

This wonderful piece was written by my awesome friend and future father of my god children, Uyi Mark(Maximillian)! Thanks hon.

8 thoughts on “PERCEPTION! 

  1. ”With ability and solution perceptions, achievement of dreams would be a walk in the park”. The cup is half full, it can be full if only i don’t relent. Nice write up.

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  2. Good job Uyi.
    I’d just add that perception is quite huge, several quarrels and arguments can be avoided if only we pause and look through the other person’s perspective. Next time you find yourself in an argument, remember to chill and try to see from the other’s perspective.
    I learnt recently that “truth is a matter of perception”.
    Well done Jules, you just my feature my write up soon 😉

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