There are days when I feel like sleeping for a long, long time but then, morning comes and I just have to wake up and face another monstrous twenty four hours.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for life. I’m thankful I’m not tucked in a hospital bed, with oxygen masks and tubes to aid […]


And so I stare at her curvy, glowing skin. Her hips swaying every which way. “What a wonderful creature” I think to myself, unaware of the malicious, rude, nasty character lurking beneath the angelic face…  Finding this out got me thinking about life… A lot of us perceive things based on our vision of reality, which […]


             The disciples have been walking with Jesus for some time and then one day, Jesus pops the question… Lol. Now, I’m not talking about a proposal.  He asks them, “Wait a minute. Who do people say I am?” “Oooooh!” The disciples exclaim, “That’s easy. People say John the Baptist, some say […]