Sometimes, life gets us so confused and angry that she begins to get on our last nerves and we wish we had control over her.
Many times, bad things happen and we are fine with it, not because we want to; but because we believe it happened for a reason. But then we wish we knew the reason because it would make us feel much better or rather, consoled.

Also, sometimes, life gets so exciting and overwhelming that we do not remember the sad times and when we do; we smile. Some of us on the other hand are so scared that we do not enjoy the moment; rather we spend time being worried about how soon it might come to an end. 

But you know what;

Life gives us a blend of sweet and sour. Therefore enjoy it as it comes; the good and the bad. 

I’m not a preacher neither am I a teacher, but this is life and we must learn to take it in stride…. 

So this wonderful piece was written by my lovely cousin, Claret Patrick! Thanks dearie. It’s her standard quote, “You only live once!”

Well it’s true. Live deliberately and meaningfully. And remember, everything happens for a reason, even better, God’s got your back!

18 thoughts on “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! 

  1. You only Live Once..I seriously support the motion, lyk w@s d point of the whole hustle nd bustle if you dont get to enjoy d its rewards. Just live ur life dammit..😠

    I’lld like to think Nigerians know how to have good times irrespective of economic situations though😃

    A blend of sweet & sour.
    I like that👏

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  2. Preety nice piece. Enjoy the good and bad life brings. I love this write up a lot maybe because it speaks to me.
    Anyways Claret a cousin is proud of you ❤✌

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