Hello guys, it’s been awhile. I know and I’m sorry. I was hibernating, so to speak… I figure we all need some time to put things in perspective… So I read a post in my friend’s blog awhile ago and I decided to share “My Experience At The Experience!” Thank you Toluwaleyi…. 

Its been  a crazy week for me. I was excited about the experience but I didn’t think I would go. We were going on a family outing the following day which is, of course, today. I felt it would be too stressful and I said as much to my sister when she insisted we go. We did go and predictably, I was right… It was stressful but it was worth it a million times over… 

We walked into Tafewa Balewa Stadium, commonly known by its abbreviation, TBS, a few minutes to nine. It was jam packed. I was utterly speechless. I went with my sister and my cousin. We had to hold on tightly to each other so we wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. Afterwards we had to fight our way into the building amidst the crowd. 

Immediately I entered I could hear the beautiful voice of Nathaniel Bassey over the speakers. He was singing, “Onise Iyanu”. I felt my spirit rising. It was so beautiful and I felt almost bereft when he stopped… 

As you can imagine, there was no place to sit and it was a little congested. I started feeling so sad because I was standing and I couldn’t hear so I couldn’t connect. Instead of shrugging my shoulders in self pity and defeat, I began talking to God earnestly. It wasn’t fair that I had come all the way and I couldn’t even hear the ministers. 

A few minutes later, someone helped us get a place to sit and at least, I could hear a little. It was the most amazing time in God’s presence. There were dynamic ministers like Nathaniel Bassey, Cece Winans, Frank Edwards, Smorkie Norful, Travis Greene, Chioma Jesus, Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Midnight Crew, Tope Alabi, Tim Godfrey, Gabriel Eziashi, Micah Stampley, Segun Obe, Samsong…

The highlight for me was Don Moen’s ministration, Travis Greene, Cece Winans as well as Donnie McClurkin’s. (We actually lit up the sky with our phones during Pst. Donnie’s ministration… It was beautiful. Please, as you read this, say a word of prayer for Donnie McClurkin. Pray for healing and more grace…)

Unfortunately, the guys sitted beside me and all around the back were wasted on alcohol and cigarettes. It was beyond sad and pitiful. In the midst of such beautiful worship, such perversions were being committed. We need the fire of God’s revival in this generation. There is the absence of the fear of God! 

My Experience At The Experience was unforgettable and life changing. I sat for awhile and my soul blessed Pst. Paul Adefarasin and the House on the Rock Church! They spend so much advancing the kingdom of God without collecting a penny from each attendant. It’s amazing! May God bless Pst. Paul, his family and ministry.

God bless you too. Be sure to discover your purpose and walk in the fullness thereof. There’s nothing more glorious than that. 

Oh, and Mavins were in attendance… Timi Dakolo…Really cool! Nigeria’s Finest Ministers, one of which is my favorite, Pst. Victor Adeyemi of Global Harvest Church were also in attendance…  

Until I pen my thoughts again, Always Walk On The Clouds and Keep the fire burning! 


  1. Experience was beautiful, I felt God’s presence strongly.. Yea Don Moen’s part was awesome! Travis Greene as well and Pst Donnie! I was blessed

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  2. I wasn’t there live but I watched it all on TV with my husband and even had to use the generator and I felt very blessed though not there. I personally had so many highlights 😁. I pray that the experience continued and it achieve its aim of moving more people closer to God.

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  3. Experience was was lit…it was a wonderful feeling experiencing experience with you and moyo! I was thoroughly blessed. God bless Don Moen and was amazing when donnie sang imela! I was like woow…God bless all the artistes that graced the show.
    We are so doing this again next year…

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