Susana, a beautiful young lady was going through a really difficult time. She had a friend outside the country. They were really close, thing is, she was in love with him but she didn’t think the feeling was mutual. She spent a lot of time convincing herself it would work out eventually. She would call, even though he never returned her calls. She would spend time chatting… It became emotionally exhausting for Susan when she realized she was the one putting a lot of effort in making the relationship work. He just didn’t love her back! Susana decided to get smart. She spent time talking to God about exactly how she felt, telling him how painful it was. She told God to take the feeling away. She kept talking to him though…. It was still really hard… Some months later, she had a dream and God told her he had taken it away. It was a miracle because when she woke up it was all gone. She didn’t hate him, she still loved him but it was different. This time around it was the love of a friend to another. She felt free and great. They remained friends but she learnt a vital lesson – A relationship only works when two people build it, not one, and she could talk to God. He was an ever present help. 

         Sasha, another young lady, had a close friend. They were really close pals. He was a really good guy and he would always check on her. They talked about everything. Along the line, she developed a huge crush on him. She wasn’t sure he felt the same way even though they were close so she decided to ask him. Lol. Not if he liked her. Of course, she felt it would be too direct. She just asked if there was someone special he liked… And then, bummer! He did like someone… Her sister! Now, that was really hard, especially since her sister didn’t feel the same way. She cried for awhile. Then she talked to God about it. After that, she stopped talking to him. It was easier for her that way. She continued doing other stuff until she got a message from him. He realized she had been distant. She apologized and they talked for awhile. She didn’t get rid of him, she just kept a healthy distance until she could get over him. 

      Two interesting stories. I bet a lot of us can relate. 


  • It’s not their fault for not loving you back. The heart is a miraculous God-invention that connects to one person in a way it doesn’t with another. So don’t become bitter or begrudge them. 
  • You are beautiful and you deserve to be loved. 
  • Do not change who you are for them. Be Yourself! 
  • Someone deserving will come your way. 
  • Let go. 
  • Open your heart. There are endless possibilities when you do.

              God loves you too. You can always reach out to Him for strength. He’s an ever present help! Trust him and be true to yourself. 

P. S. It works. Both ways… Male and female. 

Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. 

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