You know, I, like a lot of people used to be sad about losing friends. It was always so depressing. Honestly it still is. 

Now, I don’t mean losing friends because you quarelled or discovered they were bad. 

No, I mean drifting. 

I’m talking about losing friends because for some reason you both drifted apart. It could be because they moved away or you both started leading different lives. 

For whatever reason you can’t seem to get back to how you used to be. 

Trust me, that’s plenty sad especially when they were your close pals. 

I’ve learnt that friendship is very important and friends are a treasure you shouldn’t toss away. You should fight to keep them. 

Just in case you can’t get them back, do not despair. 

For I’ve also learnt that life is like a book!                                                            

Some friends are in a for a page, Some are there for a chapter while some real special ones are there throughout the story. 

Don’t stress it. 

Value your friends. 

The real special ones will be there throughout the story. 

P. S. Be that special someone in someone’s life too. 

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