It doesn’t matter where you are,                       It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, Cause God’s the answer to your dream. He’s got the master plan!

That is the lyrics of a very beautiful song. A lot of us have great dreams. It doesn’t matter where you are from or whose son you . Everyone has a dream! A dream that propels you to go on no matter what. Dreams are beautiful things, especially when achieved.                                       However, sometimes the route to achieving these dreams are rigorous and quite discouraging. You meet with obstacles in form of delay and disapproval. And then you begin to doubt. You start wondering if the struggle is worth it. You start questioning the sanity in toiling so hard. You begin to second guess yourself, wondering why you ever thought it possible. Those dreams become mere figments of your imagination. Don’t do that to yourself! No matter how rough it is, DON’T YOU GIVE UP YOUR DREAM! I figure if you were good enough to dream it, you’re certainly good enough to achieve it!                                                                         Ponder on the words of that song. Don’t listen to that voice. Don’t sell yourself or your dream short! No matter how hard it is right now, Be Encouraged! God’s got you! You will live your Dream! 

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