Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.

             That phrase is very deep. It suggests an impossible situation. There are times when you look deeply into a case, you study it critically and no matter how hard you look and study, there seems to be no way out. It’s like a dead-end situation.                                                                  That is the situation Abraham found himself. No matter how hard he thought about it, it didn’t seem possible that an old man with a very old wife will not only have a child but will be the father of many nations. Now don’t laugh, that was God’s promise to Abraham and not wanting to get ahead of myself but it came to pass.                                   That suggests to me that when God gives you a promise, it might seem ridiculous because of your present condition. Remember, however, that God doesn’t consider our present condition because He depends on His ability, not ours.                                                                                    Remember when the angel told Sarah she would bear a son, she laughed. She laughed because it seemed completely impossible because she was very old and barren. And when the angel told Gideon he would deliver the Israelites? He couldn’t believe it either.               How about when the angel told Zechariah the priest that he would become a father through his old, barren wife, Elizabeth? Despite being in the temple ministering before the Lord, he doubted.                                                                            And just incase these guys are too ancient for you, look up Steve Harris (Author of “From College Drop-out To Corporate Sell-Out”) or Pst. Paula White (Pastor at NDCC Apopka, Florida)… They’re amazing examples of people who watched God turn their mess into a remarkable message.                                                    God doesn’t give promises that match your present condition. If He did, He wouldn’t be God.                                                     So next time God gives you a promise that is way beyond your reach and is contrary to your situation, know He’s God and it is by His power He’ll perform it….          


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