Love means different things to different people.                                                                 I think it has a lot to do with their experiences and perceptions.                       Such things as friendships, family values, societal ethos, childhood acceptance or rejection form the basis of people’s belief or lack thereof. 

In her song, Beyonce says love is wicked

Trey Songz thinks love hurts.

Phillips, Craig and Dean say love is great

Westlife says love is special

Luther Vandross says love is endless

Michael Jackson says love is magical

Hezekiah Walker says love is caring

Innocent Idibia says love satisfies

What does love mean to you

You ultimately get what you believe in or what you seek after… 

I understand how difficult this question is. A lot of us struggle with feelings of insecurity and rejection. 

The world has defined love in the cruelest terms. 

Worse still is, a lot of people seek this feeling of love and acceptance from others at whatever cost. 

I understand and I empathize with you. 

However, the Bible, the book I believe to be the greatest expression of God’s affirmation to man, says God is LOVE!

Those three letters sum up entirely what love is to me. 

Love is originated in God. And to me, that’s completely amazing because in God I have learnt that Love means Sacrifice… 

It’s more than some casual feeling… It’s a commitment to be right there when you’re needed and stay even when you’re not wanted… 

It’s not an obsessive feeling or an infatuation. 

Love is Sacrifice. The kind that Jesus showed when he died for you and I. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not they accept you, you choose to love, to help, to give, to share because you care about their happiness and well-being. 

This is the very best way to love… Put your life on the line for your friends. 

What does love mean to you???

6 thoughts on “WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO YOU? 

  1. Amazing write up and you are absolutely right. As a famous author once said lots of people sacrifice their beliefs, value and whole being on the altar of love. However true love is like a light atop a hill, ever burning constant and unfailing just like God’s immeasurable lov3 for mankind.

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  2. Like u said, we can never rili understand d concept of ❤. Human beings (at least the normal ones) have emotions d@ help us interact wt odaz..Its only when these emotions successfully pass through tests & trials d@ it can be called love..*my thoughts*

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