What if God talks to us when He feels like? 

What if God answers our prayers when He’s in the mood? 

What if God protect us when the danger is past?

What if God provides for us when we’re starved to death? 

What if God holds the rain until there’s famine? 

What if God stops loving us? 

What if God treats us exactly how we treat Him? 

What if the sun stops shining? 

What if God demands a million dollars for the air we breathe?

What if the whole world is overtaken by flood? 

What if we don’t see the dawn of a new day and the whole world is shrouded in darkness?

What if all the animals become extinct? 

What if anarchy takes over every country in the world? 

What if there’s an outbreak of an incurable airborne disease? 

What if children defy the normal growth process? 

What if all the plants and flowers are eaten up by locusts? 

What if you sleep and do not wake up? 

This whole world is filled with endless possibilities… Good stuffs happen as well as bad stuffs… 

Still… I can’t imagine how we’ll survive if all these horrible things happened…

Whether we acknowledge it or not, God is incharge of the earth… 

Despite the fact that the inclinations of our hearts is evil all the time, God continues to look out for us… That’s just the way He is! He is a faithful God! 

We’ll do ourselves a world of good when we realize how great God is, how sensitive He is to our needs and how capable and merciful He is to us everytime… 

What if you took this seriously? 

What if you decided to live meaningfully? 

What if you acknowledged God’s lordship over the earth and over your life??? 

Writer- Jahnessabelle! I love you sis…       Co Writer- Jules. 

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