A man once built a fence between himself and his neighbor. He didn’t like his neighbor because he was different. Then God told him to make peace. With tears in his eyes, he broke the fence down and, using the same wood, made a path from his door to the neighbor’s door.
          Our world is hurting because of the fences of hostility, prejudice and superiority we’ve built around us. We’re all the same in the eyes of God. Despite our differences in culture, language, social, political and religious beliefs, we’re the same.
          There’s no reason a particular sect should feel so insecure to the point of endangering the lives of people who don’t believe in the same things they do. The policies governing the nations of the world should be fair and responsible.
            These days people in positions of authority lord it over the people under them. People will not rebel and resort to violence if the government is responsible, if their priority to the people is service.
        No matter how highly or lowly placed you are, always remember that you’re someone’s model for right and wrong. If you do your bit in your little corner and I do mine, we’ll be creating a beautiful world.
          We’re not called to build fences but God calls us to change fences into paths. It’s a job for everyone. We are path makers in promoting peace and harmony in a violent world. It starts with YOU!

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