I’m sitting down in my chair wistful,
wondering if it’s so wrong to wish for the things I don’t have.
It’s a really pathetic scene if you can picture it but right now I don’t care.
I’m not an ungrateful person.
I like to think of myself as someone who has learnt to count her blessings.
It’s just some days are harder than others.
I remember walking down the street in Victoria Island and thinking that everyone seemed to know what they’re about.
Everywhere I looked people were immersed in various activities.
It was very disconcerting for me because I had just moved past the self discovery phase and I was bubbling with goals and ambitions but things were still on a bend for me.
As I walked down drenched in sweat I was deeply discouraged.
I obviously expected my life to take a spin.
You know what they say about people that are goal oriented?
They’re the Unstoppables… Cause the force of their dreams doesn’t permit anything less.
However, in my case it was more of the proverbial slow and steady wins the race.
At this point I was drifting quickly into self pity and I was fading into oblivion, if you can handle that.
Then, something spectacular happened. I was walking, shoulders slumped, head bent with tears in my eyes when I saw a guy sleeping under the bridge.
He looked a little younger than 20 years and as I moved forward I saw others within the same age group sleeping away their youth.
It was mid-afternoon for the love of God!
It was at that moment I woke up.
These guys probably had dreams, amazing goals, life changing visions but they gave up and sank into oblivion because events took a much different turn than they expected.
I was shocked out of my grief.
I walked briskly to attain a little piece of my goal.
I resolved to at least make the day count.
Indeed I had learnt a very important life lesson.
No matter what point you are on the ladder of success, don’t throw in the towel.
Every excruciatingly painful step, every remarkable feat, every struggle, the disappointments and the blessings are experiences engineered to make you strong, resilient and well built in character.
And always the rewards are enormous.
I guess the saying then is true.
“There’s no Elevator to Success,
You gotta take the Stairs!”