You know that fairy tale
island we dream of?
The fantasy land we conjure
just by closing our eyes?
The perfect love story
we’ve all but grasped?
The knight in shining armour
and Prince Charming?
God! Disney World
didn’t even do much
in helping us curb
our imaginations.
Now, if you’re a typical guy,
your train of thought most
probably follows this pattern:
“Are you for real?”
“What’s she going on and on about?”
Lol. I know I’m right.
And you’re probably right.
What exactly am I going on about?
And if you’re a girl,
you know exactly what
I’m talking about.
Cause in our hearts we hold
a tiny bit of fairytale.
Well that is until
reality hits you!
The heart break,
The lies,
The Deceit,
The Betrayal.
The whole drama can
really be overwhelming.
And then without knowing,
you lose your tinny bit
of wonderland.
You become bitter and then,
“All guys are evil!”
Some girls are really lucky.
They marry their best friend
and life is all
shades of awesome!
Of course they go through
real hard times but as long
as they are together,
nothing else matters…
They retain their
tinny bit of fairytale.
I identify with you
if you’ve lost yours.
Just remember that
a lot of times even
among roses,
there are thorns!
There’s the good
and there’s the bad.
Don’t let anyone steal your spice.
You only hurt yourself
by becoming angry and bitter.
No one’s attracted to that.
You got hurt before?
Get up and move on.
Don’t be neck deep in
Be real but don’t lose
your tinny bit of wonderland!
You deserve only the Best!