Children are the world’s most innocents
Nothing is convoluted for them because they do not complicate anything.
They are simple minded and trusting.
They see roses even among thorns and life is beautiful at every turn.
While their naivety can be their undoing,  I think adults can learn a thing or two from them.
Some time ago, I was walking down the road in the cool of the evening fingers linked with my two year old brother.
I looked down at him and saw his face radiating a very handsome boyish smile.
I followed his gaze and looked at the sky but there was nothing unusual there.
I was curious so I asked,
“Ife what’s that?”
He replied, “Sky.”
I simply smiled thinking he was just excited that he could identity the blue expanse with it’s name.
But he tugged my hand and said,
“Aunt J look up. See there’s lion in the sky.”
I was really confused.
I couldn’t see any lion.
So I asked him,
“Can you really see a lion in the sky?”
He answered convincingly,
“Yes, see lion in the sky.”
I was amazed but I said nothing.
It wasn’t until a few days later I understood what he had said.
I was standing outside the house
with Ife and his dad when he said,
“Daddy, see lion in the sky.”
His dad laughed and said, “Yes.”
I asked, “Why does he keep saying that? ”
His dad then explained.
“Remember that Disney cartoon, ‘Lion Guard?'”
I replied in the affirmative.
“Well, ever since he watched it he just looks at the sky and believes there’s a lion up there.”
I was surprised!
Whenever he looks up,
he doesn’t see a lion
but he believes there’s
one up there.
A little child-like belief and trust
is necessary to live
Happily and Peaceably!
Even God expects us to come to Him
like a Child!