They say it was all by accident,
something incomprehensible and unexplained.
It was standing precariously
and all of a sudden,
Big Bang!
And the world was formed,
Thousands of earth matter falling
into an abyss to create life.
I say that is rubbish.
Earth is not an accident.
Neither is it a result of cosmic
imbalance or a mishap.
It was created,
perfectly formed to suit man’s need.
The jewelled stars,
The blanket of the sky,
The soft glow of the moon,
The rays of the morning sun.
From the flutters of a doves wing
to the majestic rising of the sun
is all intentional.
The earth is awesome,
Created by Him.
From a rose petal to a rain drop,
He made it all.
Nothing this beautiful and perfectly
suited for man could be an accident.
Until man accepts and acknowledges
the infinite awesomeness of God,
man will forever be plagued by questions and doubt.

This very amazing write-up was put together by my beautiful cousin, Deborah Patrick. She gave me “the okay” to share her thoughts with you. I hope you see God and His love reflected in the beautiful things He made. Thanks cousin.


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