Life went on much to my surprise after papa left. Mama wasn’t any more attentive than she had been when papa was around. She just left me to myself. I was barely eight years old but I did almost everything myself.          We fell into a mindless routine that involved waking up everyday […]


You know that fairy tale island we dream of? The fantasy land we conjure just by closing our eyes? The perfect love story we’ve all but grasped? The knight in shining armour and Prince Charming? God! Disney World didn’t even do much in helping us curb our imaginations. Now, if you’re a typical guy, your […]


Children are the world’s most innocents Nothing is convoluted for them because they do not complicate anything. They are simple minded and trusting. They see roses even among thorns and life is beautiful at every turn. While their naivety can be their undoing,  I think adults can learn a thing or two from them. Some […]


                                I grew up with my dad and an absent mother. Oh, she didn’t abandon us but she could as well have. My dad was a very significant part of my life. He knew me like no other person could. We lived in the suburbs.           I had an amazing childhood thanks to […]


They say it was all by accident, something incomprehensible and unexplained. It was standing precariously and all of a sudden, Big Bang! And the world was formed, Thousands of earth matter falling into an abyss to create life. I say that is rubbish. Earth is not an accident. Neither is it a result of cosmic […]