Williams Shakespeare said,
“Some are born great,
some achieve greatness and
some have greatness thrust
upon them.”
A very wise statement made by
a great writer and poet.
It suggests to me,
needless to say that,
everyone has a role to play
in this circle of greatness.
Several years ago,
an ordinary man that was
lowly esteemed achieved greatness.
His pure love and devotion
to his country has made him a
man that history will not forget
in a hurry.
While he was alive he fought for
the freedom of his people and
in death his legacy lives on.
He lived first, not for himself,
but for absolute strangers whom
he considered the future of his nation.
He fought the odds,
took daring risks,
made difficult decisions and
made the impossible possible.
He proved to be a selfless man.
His life goal was freedom and the
welfare of the American people.
He lived the life of a true leader,
putting the needs of his people
ahead of his own.
He left a legacy and government
Of the people,
By the people,
For the people.
And guess what?
He was just a man.
I don’t think I have to say it
in so many words.
America is built on a foundation
of good and reliable leadership.
Let’s get back to the basics.
Let’s get back to the drawing board.
There are a few things we need to correct,
A lot of things we need to learn from
Father Abraham Lincoln!