I was walking down the road
in the cool of the evening.
I looked up and saw the beautiful blue
sky, the sun had gone home but
it’s golden shadow, the ray of sunshine cut through the sky and it was the most beautiful sight.
Not to be outdone,
The moon stood out,
Full and regal.
My mood was melancholy.
I wondered how a beautiful earth
could be so vile.
“Why was life so hard?”
“Would things ever get better?”
“Would the hungry always be starved?”
The irony was so great, I couldn’t understand, neither did I have answers.
Then like morning sun breaking out of the clouds, it dawned on me.
No matter how horrible life is,
No matter the hurdles we face,
No matter how dark the night or how fierce the storm,
there will always be a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope.
God’s love is so constant,
it’s like a warm blanket in the cold.
He is always with us!
And yeah, you’re stronger than you know.
You may be small and afraid or
big and clueless but deep in your heart,
You are stronger than you know!

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