Steph woke up to the sound of laughter and voices. She closed her eyes, trying to clear her head. She had experienced the worst kind of menstrual cramp before finally falling asleep. It was a miracle she had slept. Now she felt relief wash through her.
              She heard movements and from the aroma coming in from the kitchen, she could tell her sisters were making dinner. Her mouth watered. She rose from the bed, put on her headset and went outside. It was already evening but the power was out so Steph went outside to enjoy the cool evening breeze.
            The sky was it’s rich blue colour. It wasn’t lit colourfully by the stars like other nights, the moon wasn’t even out yet. There were just a handful of stars with one peculiar one shining.
               Steph closed her eyes and breathed in the cool, undiluted air. It felt good to just be there. The sound of footsteps interrupted her thoughts and she opened her eyes. She smiled when she saw Amy, her best friend’s sister. She stood.
“Hi Amy. How are you?”. She hugged her.
“I’m alright”. Amy withdrew.
Steph noticed Amy wasn’t her usual happy-go-lucky self. “What’s wrong Amy?”
Amy twisted her fingers and Steph decided something was up.
Steph sat down. “Sit down and tell me what’s wrong.”
“I’m fine standing.”
“Okay. I’m listening.”
“I just came to tell you that Caitlin lied to you.”
Steph looked puzzled. “Lied to me about what?”
Amy lowered herself into the chair beside Steph and sighed. “It’s just that she didn’t crash your laptop like she claimed.” Amy worried her bottom lip. “I did.”
Steph stared at Amy, shocked into silence. Finally she asked, “Why?”
“I’m truly sorry Steph. I was scared you’ll be mad so I pleaded with Cait to take the blame. She’s your best friend. I thought, surely you’ll understand.”
Steph smiled in understanding. “And what changed?”
Amy was relieved upon seeing Steph’s  reassuring smile. “Well I realized that the truth, no matter how sad, is the only thing that truly liberates.”
Steph smiled her easy smile. “You got that right Amy.”

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