I think fear is top on the list of man’s biggest form of imprisonment.
It cuts across various aspects of a man’s life.
While it can act as a stimulant or  a driving force to get you ahead,
it can be the end of a man.
In a precarious situation, it can make you do things you’d have thought ridiculously stupid at another time and place.
Unfortunately fear has no limits and no scruples.
It roots itself in the most tender places like the heart.
You know that bubbling feeling you get when you meet that special someone that understands you and you’re super comfortable with?
It kinda feels like you’re on cloud nine.
You can take on the world because you can hear his voice cheering you on.
You can embark on that project because you can see the light of enthusiasm and the twinkle in her eyes. It’s a feeling of intense freedom until fear sets in.
One minute you’re soaring on the wings of the clouds and the next you’re falling. You begin to second guess yourself.
Life can’t be this good.
You’ve heard of betrayal and broken trust.
Surely it can’t all be so easy for you.
It’s frightening and I can relate.
While it’s true there are wolves, you must understand there are angels too.
It’s very important to be cautious.
Just don’t make the mistake of
closing yourself in.
Don’t hold onto fear like a shield cause while you’re trying to keep the wolves out, you’d be preventing the angels from coming in.
Let go of your fear.
Pull down your defenses.
Everybody needs a support system.
Someone wise once said,
“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have a say in who hurts you…. I hope you like your choices.”


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