A lot of us really lack foresight.
As I lay in my bed tonight
I am grateful for the people
we regarded as fools.
I am thankful for the people
that kept their dreams alive.
I am eternally grateful for the
people that saw the a bigger picture.
I think about Nelson Mandela and
I can’t help but marvel at his fortitude,
courage and perseverance.
He was a man with a dream so alive
it swallowed up apartheid policy in
South Africa.
I remember Martin Luther King Jr.
The man who lived and died for his dream.
He said, “I HAVE A DREAM”.
It really seemed baseless and impossible at that time but now we’re enjoying the blessings of his dream.
I also remember Mary Slessor, the amazing woman that stood undaunted and unafraid in her fight against the killing of twins.
Now after so many years we see how lovely twins are and we desire to have them.
You may not indulge in the
killing of twins,
or discrimination,
or racism.
But reflect;
What are the things you stand for?
Who are you cheering for?
These people may belong to some centuries past but if we look closely we’ll discover that there are tons of things to learn from these ordinary people with great dreams.

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