We all want to live dramatic lives,
We want happily ever stories,
We want grand houses,
Colourful weddings,
Beautiful kids.
We wanna be remembered by all,
We wanna be heard by all,
We want to lead special lives,
We wanna do amazing things,
We want our stories published in different magazines,
written in diverse languages.
We want our influence to span beyond the horizon.
These are good aspirations,
wonderful desires,
beautiful dreams.
But not all of us get the whole world as an audience like Nelson Mandela got;
Not all of us have books published in our honour;
Not all of us will travel the world and speak to millions of people like Myles Munroe.
Some of us will lead simpler lives,
possibly influence our age group
or for some of us,
our church or neighborhood.
My point is:
It really doesn’t matter whether you are loved by a lot or a few.
It doesn’t matter whether your influence spans beyond the horizon or just your family or a friend.
It doesn’t matter if you get to live up to a hundred years or if you live for ten.
What truly matters is being an original,
What really counts is being the best possible version of you…….
Just simply being you is greatness in itself cause you’ll be remembered for being what no one else can be!

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