Beach Chronicles!


It was the most beautiful sight.
Everywhere I looked, people.
The sand was it’s rich golden colour,
exquisitely soft and tender.
The rocks on either side
were hard, strong and daring.
The sun was bright and hot
as it shone in the sky.
And the sky,
oh the sky was blue
with tints of white clouds
in dynamic contrast to the troubled waters.
The ocean was very vast, rich and full.
It spelled fiery determination and danger as the waves came ashore in full force.
The colour was the most incredible grey with mild traces of brownish white waves.
It wasn’t peaceful.
As people played and swam with reckless abandon,
the sea rose to the occasion.
There was also the mild stench of horses and stable.
Horse and rider galloped in musical rhythm.
The beautiful coconut trees were incredibly tall,
the tents were simply built with music blaring from all corners.
At the end of the sea,
the point where the water and sky meet, there were ships and canoes parked leisurely.
Man, animals, trees, sand, rocks and building seemed remarkably small and fragile compared to the vast ocean.
It was awesome and humbling,
thrilling and frightening.
Above all, it reminded me of how small man truly is and how absolutely dependent we are on our maker,
The Creator Of Life!

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