Andrea sat in the rocking chair holding 5months old Lisa to her chest. She loved her little one but she lived in constant fear. A lot of people desire a family but not everyone gets what they wish for.
          Andrea did get her wish and was happy. Very happy, until Jake lost his pretty impressive job due to a recession. The company he was working with had incurred debt so they shut down. At first, he seemed to be okay, fighting the odds and keeping faith.
           Andrea continued to encourage him. She would tell him, “It’s going to be okay honey. You’ll get back on your feet. Lisa and I believe in you.”
        He would hug her and assure her he wouldn’t give up. He was really amazing at his job. It was just a matter of time, he would say.
           Only things didn’t change. Nobody wanted his service. There were no vacancies in companies. The recession was really bad. He finally accepted to work as a labourer but it was back breaking work.
         Before long, he turned his frustration on his wife. He was no longer satisfied with whatever she did. If the food wasn’t ready by the time he got home, he would curse and fling things. If Lisa cried, he would scream at Andrea, “What’s the matter with you? You take care of Lisa. That’s the only thing you do and you can’t even do that well? Get her to shut up. I have a headache.”
         Things got worse. The more pressure he got from the contractor, the more monstrous he was at home.
          One day, he got home really late. They had an argument and he slapped her. Andrea was so shocked, she simply stared at his departing figure.
       From then on, things deteriorated. He would hit her at the slightest wave of a finger. She lived in constant fear. He was never happy and always brutal. He didn’t smile when Lisa beamed at him.
        Now, as she sat with Lisa asleep on her chest, she stared at nothing in particular. She was living in fear, practically walking on eggshells in her home. She didn’t want to raise her child in such conditions. She hadn’t told anyone anything because Jake threatened to take her child away.
         Andrea stood up. She still had a little time before Jake returned. She still had a little dignity and self respect. She wasn’t going to let a man completely destroy her. She would fight back. Only she knew where it hurt. She would fight for herself, for her daughter and for other women suffering in silence.
        Little girls, young ladies and older women, YOU ARE PRECIOUS! SPEAK UP! DON’T DIE IN SILENCE!


Always Walk On The Clouds!

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