This Too Shall Pass!



           A little while ago I was sitting in a service. I don’t know but it was really weird. You know that feeling you get when your body is in a place but your mind has wandered away? That’s how it felt.
          Yeah, I know I should know better but truth is, I couldn’t help it. I kinda felt so low. Really hurt. It’s like nothing was going the awesome way I thought it’ll go. It was damn right depressing if I should say so myself.
      On one hand I felt lost and trapped in my conflicting emotions. I couldn’t concentrate on the worship or anything else. It was like I was drowning in my grief.
      On the other hand I was really worried about a widow with four children next door. She was ill treated. She had been evicted from her house and there was no one to help. No family, no friend and worse of all, no church family. Everyone was turning the other way like they all did to the wounded man by the roadside in Bible times. Only in this case, there was no good Samaritan forthcoming.
       I got tired of pretending I was okay, so I took a walk. I actually talked to God. I told him I believed in Him because I really do. It’s just some days are really hard. I don’t understand a lot of stuff. I don’t even have answers to the whys. Sometimes I wonder how long He’ll let the storm rage.
        It’s a lot of discouragement and a lot of pressure. Sometimes I feel it’s way too much for a person to go through. Worst part is, some others go through more horrible situations and it’s just one crazy journey.
         In the midst of all this, guess what??? Well, I’m constantly reminded of God’s extravagant Grace! He hasn’t promised it’ll be a smooth ride but He did better. He promised He’ll be with us always. Always! That’s really assuring! In the great times and the really horrible times, He’ll go through it with us.
      We won’t be overcome by it. Our challenges make us stronger. It’s gonna be alright. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel. You wanna have a story? Go through the hard times… The Sun will still Shine!

Always Walk On The Clouds!

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