I was born and raised in a Christian home. As a child I was very simple hearted, and I honoured my parents. My dad would get the family together early for prayers. His words to me were like the words of God. I loved being a Christian.
          Things began to change. I guess it was always like that but my child-like innocence couldn’t see it. As I grew into my teenage years however, I began to observe some unsettling trends.
           There were cliques in the church. Oh yeah, you read that right. Cliques! The wealthy class came together, while the average people maintained their lane. It somehow got into the teens as well. You couldn’t just relate with anyone. You had to belong to their circle. It was really disconcerting.
          I wasn’t disturbed cause I felt left out. No, as a matter of fact I was loved by a lot of people in church because I was exceptionally good with scriptures. My dad made sure of that.
         Still, I couldn’t fit in. I wasn’t comfortable with the setup. I wondered why God’s people would discriminate among one another. Was this what being a Christian was all about? Why weren’t the needy attended to?
           These were questions that plagued my heart. I couldn’t discuss the shortcomings I found in the church so I continued to go because my parents attended.
           Mercifully, I experienced God for myself. I experienced His love firsthand. I had heard from people about God, I had read about Him, but getting to know Him personally was completely out of this world.
        I was amazed at the depth of His love. I was awed by the depth of His sacrifice. Then I understood that the way some Christians and some churches act is totally outside of God’s character. All the false love and hypocrisy is man’s idea and invention.
         God is love. He isn’t distant, neither is He waiting for you to sin so He can crush you. He wants us to get to know Him. He wants us to live peaceably.
        The true Christian virtue resonates deeply in love and the truest acts of kindness. True Christianity isn’t some religious belief packaged with doctrines and various denominations. It’s a whole lot deeper than that.
        It is founded on Jesus’ deep love and sacrifice for man. Friends, let’s portray God as He really is. Let’s show the whole unbelieving world the true meaning of love and sacrifice.



6 thoughts on “WHERE IS THE LOVE???

  1. It boils down to our personal experience with God,the more you know Him, the more you look and act like Him. May God help all true Christians out there to show the world what Christianity really is. Well done Jola, God bless you

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