Andrea sat in the rocking chair holding 5months old Lisa to her chest. She loved her little one but she lived in constant fear. A lot of people desire a family but not everyone gets what they wish for.           Andrea did get her wish and was happy. Very happy, until Jake lost his […]

This Too Shall Pass!

                A little while ago I was sitting in a service. I don’t know but it was really weird. You know that feeling you get when your body is in a place but your mind has wandered away? That’s how it felt.           Yeah, I know I should know better but truth is, I […]


I was born and raised in a Christian home. As a child I was very simple hearted, and I honoured my parents. My dad would get the family together early for prayers. His words to me were like the words of God. I loved being a Christian.           Things began to change. I guess it […]