It was getting late already and I still needed to get to Temi’s house to pick a couple of clothes for our beach outing. She had called me earlier in the day to inform me she dropped her key with the receptionist at my office.
      “Jeez, Temi is a pain in the ass. Couldn’t she have brought the clothes herself?” I grumbled.
       Knowing what little good grumbling will do, I got into my Nissan car and drove off to Temi’s house. I put the key in the lock and twisted it twice, then I closed the gate. Temi stayed in a big bungalow. Her compound was so big that the distance between the main gate and the house was about twenty walking steps.
          As I neared the building I saw a blue jean, a white top and a couple of underwear on the line. I picked them and entered the house. I opened the door and a man on black cloth received me with a knife. I tried to run but I slipped so he stabbed me on my leg and grabbed me to himself. I begged him to let me go but He refused. At that point, I saw two guys come out and I knew it was my end.
       “God, what did I do wrong?” I said loudly.
“Girl, you’re so sweet.” One of the guys said.
I wriggled out of his grip but he took me and stabbed me at my side, another stabbed me on my neck. I knew it was over. The last guy raised his hand to stab me in my heart, so I screamed and realised it was all imaginary….
          I sat down bewildered… I had let my imaginations run wild. I let fear get the better of me… Indeed fear is crippling. A lot of stuff we fear aren’t real… Don’t you know? Fear is actually, False Evidence Appearing Real!
       The results of your fear may not be as dramatic as mine but whatever imprisons you or deters you from getting ahead is a negative trait you should get rid of. Cast off restraints. You’re super incredible!

     Written by my little sister, Moyosoreoluwa Akinpelu aka Jahnessa Belle. Lol. We call her Momo!




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